Peter Hall’s weight loss

Our latest article on weight loss emphasises the contribution of psychology to achieving and, more importantly sustaining, weight loss goals.  The success of Abicord’s programme is reflected in its one year money-back guarantee.

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Friday 13th

If you’re troubled by the imminent arrival of Friday 13th …. or you find it hard to believe anyone holds such superstitious beliefs …. Graham’s article on the subject, published yesterday, might interest you.

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Helping to deal with cancer

Brave Chris Hurley, editor of About My Generation, recently diagnosed with breast cancer, has written an article about how Graham’s book … What Is, Is! The Power of Positive Acceptance … has helped her to cope. Our best wishes to Chris for a strong recovery and a...

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How to deal with an unpleasant boss

New article published in Executive Secretary on dealing with an unpleasant boss … or any other difficult people in your life: Your boss is criticising some work you’ve done when you know the problem lies with his instructions. You try to explain but he cuts you off....

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Losing weight without willpower

An article in Easier Lifestyle called How to Lose Weight Without Using Willpower discusses Graham’s highly successful approach to weight loss, which comes with a one year money-back guarantee for achieving the goal and sustaining it.

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Positive Acceptance

An article on Positive Acceptance appears in the website of Passion for Fresh Ideas. Lots of other interesting articles there too.

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Willpower to boost your career

Graham’s latest article published in Executive Secretary Magazine outlines 10 steps to boost your willpower for career success. To find out more or to discover how to increase your resilience and take control of your life, come to one of his free webinars...

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Weight Loss Telephone Coaching

Abicord is now providing guaranteed weight loss coaching by phone. Following the huge success of our face-to-face programmes we’ve been trialling phone and internet (Skype)-based programmes. They’ve proved to be equally effective and we’re now therefore including them...

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Cognitive Behavioural Techniques

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is now the prime therapy recommended by independent accreditation bodies such as the UK’s National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE). From common emotional issues, such as anxiety and depression, to more challenging...

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Summer phobias

If you suffer from a summer phobia, see my article on summer phobias published in Easier Lifestyle or in Health 4 Media

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Weight loss tips

Some tips for losing those unwanted kilos: Drink more tea, but without milk, even skimmed milk. Recent research has shown that tea contains agents that break down fat. But those agents are neutralised if you add milk. There are dangers in some current weight loss...

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Acceptance Action Therapy

Two 10 minute videos illustrating the use of Acceptance-Action Therapy (AAT) in dealing with food cravings. Video 1: Introduction; Video 2: commencing treatment. Acceptance-Action principles are more fully outlined in Graham W Price’s free ‘Positive-Mind-Training’...

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Be your own life coach

A popular internet-based magazine called Handbag has an article this week on some basic coaching tips. It includes contributions from yours truly along with other coaches. Some helpful tips. If anyone you know is interested in coaching to help them achieve their...

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More bad new for smokers

A UCLA report says that while it’s already known that adult brains are adversely impacted by smoking (primarily loss of memory and attention), the latest research shows teenagers’ brains are more severely damaged. Further research highlights dangers to unborn children...

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Need some more motivation?

I previously posted under this title my article published in Corporate Eye called Willpower and Corporate Communications  . If you missed that one and are still interested, a similar article called How to Boost Your Willpower has now been published in Growth...

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Resolving society’s ills

We could and should be tackling psychological and social issues in the community far more effectively. We now have the tools to give everyone a satisfying, productive and fulfilling life. An individual’s history and circumstances need no longer be seen as the key...

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Weight-loss without surgery

Recent publicity on obesity highlights a study published in the British Medical Journal saying that the number of people undergoing surgery for obesity has increased ten fold over a seven year period. A worrying trend if it continues. Surgery is invasive and carries...

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What would life be like?

What would life be like if we could: stop resisting what is, what was and what will be (the latter only to the extent we cannot control it) replace ‘resisting what is’ with ‘accepting what is’ … all the time (i.e. stop wishing things were already different, which is...

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