Smoking Cessation Guaranteed

The most effective treatment available anywhere.

Stop smoking right now with the help of a powerful combination of Cognitive Behavioural techniques, Acceptance Action techniques (AAT), a Time Line technique and Light Hypnotherapy.

  • Free option (cost paid out of savings resulting from not smoking)
  • Up front payment option with one-year money-back guarantee for the initial cessation and sustaining it
  • 99% sustained success to date
  • Single 3 hour session
  • Face-to-face or by internet (Skype)
  • Learn techniques you can use to deal with any life challenges

Far more effective than any single approach. Hypnotherapy, NLP and affirmation / visualisation techniques alone for example have as low as 10% sustained success. Patches or other nicotine substitutes and e-cigarettes are particularly ineffective for sustaining any cessation.

A combination approach is a lot more effective. Why? Because single approaches inevitably have less impact and hypnotherapy in particular isn’t effective for everyone.

This combination, incorporating the most powerful single technique (AAT), has a 99% sustained success rate to date.

  • You’ve probably known for quite a while it’s time to stop
  • Are you tired of burning up all that hard earned cash?
  • Perhaps you’ve finally acknowleged smoking is bad for your health (click here or on the picture below for a two minute video on the latest disturbing evidence on Alzheimers)

Why is this combination approach so successful?

  • CBT addresses your conscious thoughts and behaviours
  • AAT provides the skills needed to deal with any resistance, cravings or other challenges
  • Hypnotherapy works on your unconscious motivations and desires
  • Time-Line provides support for the initial cessation and sustaining it

This is by far the most effective treatment available anywhere. It’s an empowering experience you can apply to any challenges in your life, such as weight management or public speaking nerves.

The hypnotherapy employs only a light relaxation state. You’ll remain fully conscious and aware of everything that’s happening and won’t be required to do anything you don’t want to do.

Our Practice:

Abicord’s practice is based in Central London (Maida Vale) and Surrey (Fetcham, by Leatherhead). Or an internet (Skype)-based session can be provided at the same cost. Or we can visit you for an additional fee.

Our therapists are highly qualified chartered psychologists, CBT, AAT and hypnotherapy specialists, and personal and executive coaches. If you’d like to see Graham W Price in person, you can read more about him here.

We offer daytime, evening and weekend sessions.

  • Single 3-hour session
  • Follow-up support if needed (it usually isn’t)

Cost Options:

  1. Free option paid out of 80% of weekly savings. Total £450.00. No money-back guarantee needed as this option is already free.
  2. Up-front payment with a one year money-back guarantee covering the initial cessation and sustaining it …. £460.00 (you’ll save that in a short time when you’ve given up smoking … then you just keep saving)
  3. Up-front payment without the guarantee (you really won’t need it) …… £390.00

In the highly unlikely event of a relapse at any time, a follow-up is offered at no further charge

Any other issues can be handled in a separate session/s if required. Click here.

Contact us via the contact form or e-mail or call 0044 207 858 2241 and stop smoking now. Abicord’s smoking cessation works.

More Testimonials:


“Hooray; I’ve finally stopped. I never thought it would be so easy. I’m putting the money saved so far towards a holiday to celebrate my new healthy life” Susan Lismore

“Graham gave me the key to be free from smoking. It’s been easy from the first day. And with the tools Graham armed me with, I haven’t gained weight and have tackled life’s ups and downs with more confidence” Bridget Irving

I feel so much healthier, fitter and more in control of my life. Thank you Terry Aspic

“I’d tried several times before and it never lasted more than a couple of weeks. It’s now been three months and I’ve no desire to smoke again. Brilliant. Thanks” Mike Breswick

I’ve not only given up smoking, I’ve used what you taught me to lose two stone in weight, get control of my nerves when speaking to groups and move my career and life forward in other ways. Amazing value. I’ll certainly recommend you to others. Thanks a million Michelle Alter

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