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Changing Lives

by Larissa Batt Graham W Price, chartered psychologist and presenter of an astonishing life skills training called Acceptance Action Training, claims we’re all crazy. What, me? Never. Ten minutes into his free webinar and I’m convinced. He says whenever we’re having a...

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Blood sugar and losing weight

  HOW TO BALANCE YOUR BLOOD SUGAR AND LOSE WEIGHT  For ease of reference after reading this article, specific advice is highlighted in green (what to eat) and red (what to avoid). There’s advice at the end of the article on where to shop for some of the recommended...

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Life Changing Training

Acceptance Action Training               Psychologist Graham W Price, developer of Acceptance Action Training and Acceptance Action Therapy (AAT), suggests we’re all crazy. He points out that all...

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Lose weight the healthy way

In an article published in ‘Wellbeing’, Graham W Price advocates a natural healthy approach to weight loss. Fad diets, shakes and other substitutes are either damaging to your health or ensure you put the weight back on again. After nutritionists have repeatedly...

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BBC Interview

by Graham Price on Jul.28, 2013, under Acceptance, Development In a BBC interview with Anne Diamond, Graham talks about how resilience seems to be a diminishing trait among people in the modern world.  He asserts that our parents or grandparents were less stressed in...

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Daily Mail, Stress and the Blitz

by Graham Price on Sep.09, 2013, under Uncategorized In an interview with the Daily Mail Graham W Price claims stress levels in the UK are higher now than they were during the Blitz. He says we’ve lost much of the natural resilience our parents and grandparents...

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Smoking and weight loss

by Graham Price on Jun.28, 2015, under Acceptance Hi. I’m Graham W Price, chartered psychologist, development trainer and smoking cessation and weight loss specialist. If you want to stop smoking or lose weight I’ll make sure you succeed and that you’ll sustain that...

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Eliminating Worry

by Graham Price on Mar.17, 2016, under Acceptance, Development One of the more unhelpful examples of our many unproductive human traits is our tendency to worry. We define worry as ruminating about negative outcomes. If we’re worrying about a worsening financial...

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Life changing webinars

by Graham Price on Jun.24, 2016, under Acceptance Chartered Psychologist and development trainer Graham W Price is offering free life-changing webinars to boost confidence, achievement, motivation, resilience and relationships. See...

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Eliminating stress

Do you experience excessive stress in your life? Do you sense your life is overloaded with tasks or deadlines? Do you often feel anxious or out of control? Do you worry excessively about future challenges? Do you get irritated or angry too much or too often? Is your...

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Developing Resilience and Success

An article by Graham W Price, published in HR Zone: Psychologist Graham W Price, developer of Positive Mind Training, suggests we’re all crazy. He says every time we’re having a negative thought, we’re having a crazy thought. Price points out that all dissatisfaction,...

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The other secret

Stuart McGill was the first non-American CEO of one of the world’s largest companies, Exxon Company International. He attributed his success to a secret he shared with me in an extraordinary encounter over 25 years ago. I’d never heard anything like it before. It...

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Article on phobias , published in The Weekly News 10th November, 2012 …. Too scared of water to go for a shower! From mice to spiders, we’re living in a state of anxiety. While a fear of heights may be understandable, how about a fear of mice, seaweed or even...

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Acceptance Action Training and Therapy

A brief introduction to Acceptance-Action Training and Acceptance-Action Therapy (AAT) is provided in this month’s Mental Healthy Magazine . Find out more by coming to Graham’s free webinar or watch his DVD.

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How to deal with an unpleasant boss

New article published in Executive Secretary on dealing with an unpleasant boss … or any other difficult people in your life: Your boss is criticising some work you’ve done when you know the problem lies with his instructions. You try to explain but he cuts you off....

Losing weight without willpower

An article in Easier Lifestyle called How to Lose Weight Without Using Willpower discusses Graham’s highly successful approach to weight loss, which comes with a one year money-back guarantee for achieving the goal and sustaining it.

Positive Acceptance

An article on Positive Acceptance appears in the website of Passion for Fresh Ideas. Lots of other interesting articles there too.

Willpower to boost your career

Graham’s latest article published in Executive Secretary Magazine outlines 10 steps to boost your willpower for career success. To find out more or to discover how to increase your resilience and take control of your life, come to one of his free webinars...

Resolving society’s ills

We could and should be tackling psychological and social issues in the community far more effectively. We now have the tools to give everyone a satisfying, productive and fulfilling life. An individual’s history and circumstances need no longer be seen as the key...

What would life be like?

What would life be like if we could: stop resisting what is, what was and what will be (the latter only to the extent we cannot control it) replace ‘resisting what is’ with ‘accepting what is’ … all the time (i.e. stop wishing things were already different, which is...

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