‘Power to Choose’ – CD

This CD is a one-hour abbreviated version of the full ‘Power to Choose’ course, Abicord’s ‘Personal Effectiveness and Achievement’ training.

The full training is five webinars of one and a half hours each or a one day face-to-face training (for organisations). The CD is a one-hour summary of the key aspects of that training, spoken by Graham W Price.

It’s useful primarily as a revision of the key points for those who’ve attended the full training.

If you’d like to experience the live training:

  • Click here for details of the live key-note ‘Pacceptance Training’ seminar. Learn the skills of ‘Positive Acceptance’. Use them every day for the test of your life.
  • Click here for a DVD of the key-note seminar

If you’ve attended the key-note ‘Pacceptance Training’ seminar or seen a recording or the DVD and wish to experience the full training:

CD price: £25.00; introductory offer available to ‘Power to Choose’ graduates for a limited period: £19.00

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