Change A Billion Minds

Abicord’s major project has been re-named:

                                        ‘CHANGE A BILLION MINDS’ 


The project was initially established to spread Abicord’s ‘Positive Mind Training’ world-wide. Our preliminary goal for that part of the project is one billion trained in 5 years (from 2019). Our 5 year project goals have now expanded to include: 

  • 50% reduction in poverty, conflict, crime, homelessness and ‘health and mental health’ issues, world-wide
  • Changing individual, organisational and governmental goals to include a significant element of ‘contribution and co-operation’, alongside self-interest

Many believe these goals are challenging. We agree, but we’ve adopted a motto for the project: 

“Where there’s a will, and a purpose worth achieving, anything is possible”

Community projects are being (and will continue to be) established, alongside the training, to contribute to achieving these goals 

The project is non-profit, i.e. all net income will go to funding our community projects, and charities and other organisations willing and able to support those projects 

There are many organisations already doing great work to improve the lives of others. Our aim is to support and work with those organisations, and help to fund them, in addition to funding our own community projects

    Abicord is now a non-profit organisation, in line with that status already adopted for the project

    Positive Mind Training:

    The benefits of the training include enhanced motivation, success, confidence, resilience, ‘work and life’ satisfaction, relationships, team-working and contribution …. and eliminating stress, conflict, regret, worry, blame and other limiting thoughts and feelings. To see / hear what business leaders, the press and others have said, see

    The full training, providing all the above benefits, comprises six ‘50 minute to one-hour’ webinars, spread over several weeks to give time to practice the tools. The free Intro webinar, teaching how to create a powerful mindset, is stand-alone, i.e. it doesn’t need any further webinars to gain the benefits. 

    For more information on the training, for individuals and organisations, see:


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