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‘Change a Billion Minds’ is a not-for-profit project that plans to create a billion amazing lives, including a substantial income for early participants


There’s much that’s deficient in the world today. At the extreme is poverty, conflict and oppression. But there’s also another 6 billion people who have no idea how to change their mindset, or how to exercise free-will to expedite that change


Think of any inspiring leader who’s contributed in some major way to the world. You might think of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, or many others


Or think of someone who’s been successful. In the world of business for example Bill Gates, Richard Branson or Jeff Bezos.


As psychologists, we know these people’s leadership and success are driven by their ‘mindset’, a combination of self-belief, motivation and other attributes


Now imagine we could give everyone that same, or close to the same, mindset


What do you think would happen to your life and to the world?


This can and will be achieved


The ‘Change a Billion Minds’ project will provide the means to change your mindset and your life, achieve your personal goals, live an amazing life and help to change the world in major ways




Our five-year goals, world-wide:

(the notes refer to measuring achievement of these goals)



1.     train one billion in ‘Positive Mind Training’ – free to you (note a) enabling them to:

·        significantly enhance their well being, motivation, self-esteem, achievement, prosperity and fulfilment and generate powerful / positive mindsets (note b)

·        develop major resilience, significantly reducing stress, regret, worry and dissatisfaction (note b)

·        become the person they want to be and enjoy a brilliant life (note b)

·        gain major rewards by helping to spread the training (except, initially, employees who’ve seen the ‘organisations’ version of the training) (note b)

and enabling organisations to

·        become more effective significantly enhancing ‘bottom lines’ (note b)  

·        with more satisfied employees (note b)

2.     a major reduction in poverty, homelessness, conflict, crime, corruption, oppression and mental health issues (note c)

3.     change individual, organisation and government goals to include a significant element of ‘contribution and co-operation’, alongside self-interest (note c)

4.     take the training into schools and prisons (note b)   






Notes: goal achievement measured by:

a)     project system measures

b)     independent surveys

c)      published opinion of governments, the UN and other agencies



When our 5-year goals are achieved we plan to extend them to 10-year goals, to spread the training to 5 billion and eradicate poverty, homelessness, conflict, crime, corruption, oppression and mental health issues





Click here for a 10-minute video by Graham Price explaining how and why he created ‘Change a Billion Minds’ and the benefits to you of participating


We recognise our goals are challenging, but we have a motto:


“Where there’s a will, and a purpose worth achieving, anything’s possible”


Community projects will be established, by the project team and some trainees, to achieve these goals


‘Change a Billion Minds’ and our related organisations, are non-profit, i.e. all net income will go to funding our community projects, and charities able to support those projects 


There are many organisations already doing excellent work to reduce hardship. Our aim is to support, and work with, those organisations, primarily by providing our life-changing training, in addition to funding our own community projects


The prime vehicles to spread the training are a) major rewards to our trainees for gifting the training and b) organisations willing to train their staff


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Positive Mind Training


This training provides a powerful / positive mindset, exceptional resilience and the tools and skills to deal with challenges in relationships. It has already changed thousands of lives.


Click here to see a 2-minute introductory video. The training is guaranteed free for everyone, except the version for organisations, that can be purchased by organisations for their management and staff.


Some will need to make small ‘temporary’ investments to see the training, following an initial free, stand-alone, webinar teaching how to create a powerful mindset. Those investments are ‘temporary’ as they’re guaranteed to be either recovered or refunded


Click here to see / hear what business leaders, the press and others have said about the training


The organisation version of the training has additional content of special interest to organisations, such as generating contribution to team managers, subordinates, other team members, other staff, the organisation, customers and the community … and creating exceptional work environments and outstanding products and services










Following the training, trainees are able to join the Forum. In the early stages of the project, Forum members will earn major rewards by helping us achieve our first goal (spreading the training to one billion in five years), in just a few hours of your time


Rewards are primarily earned by gifting the training. Initially those rewards will be very high, to provide an incentive for trainees to participate, but will reduce over time as the numbers increase


Some trainees will need to make small ‘temporary’ investments, following a free, stand-alone, webinar teaching how to create a powerful mindset. Those investments are ‘temporary’ as they’re guaranteed to be either recovered, through gifting the training, or refunded


The Forum and Rewards won’t initially be available to those who see the ‘organisations’ version of the training, though this may change in time with agreement of organisation management







Our Community Projects


Our ‘number one’ community project is providing ‘Positive Mind Training’ to one billion people in five years

Other ‘community projects’ are for our Forum members (and our project team) to initiate, lead or participate in. These projects differ from the excellent work being carried out by other organisations in that our projects all involve gifting ‘Positive Mind Training’ to those in need

One example is our approach to eliminating homelessness:

·        Persuade homeless people to attend our life-changing ‘Positive Mind Training’ webinars or seminars, free, at locations we provide and fund


·        Following the training, ensure limiting beliefs and behaviours, including any drug and alcohol dependencies, are resolved …. and mindsets changed and empowered


·        Support them into work and, initially, into shared private accommodation and later, into creating partnerships, families and their own accommodation


·        Invite them to join the Graduates Forum, to help others and to earn major rewards


·       Work with existing ‘homeless charities’




Our Other Trainings


Abicord’s additional web-based trainings are available below. All net income is, and will continue to be, used to fund the ‘Change a Billion Minds’ project:












1.     Achieving personal weight-goals:

·        Low-cost web-based training

·        95% sustained success, compared to under 10% for other internationally well-known programmes

·        Inclusion of powerful psychological tools explains most of that difference

·        One year money-back guarantee

·        See

2.     Quit Smoking (and other dependencies):

·        Low cost web-based training

·        99% sustained success, compared to under 40% for other well-known approaches

·        Inclusion of powerful psychological tools explains that difference

·        One year money-back guarantee

·        See

3.     Therapy Webinars below are for both therapists and those suffering with these issues. All these trainings are currently free:



·        PTSD (trauma) – 40 minute cure:

o   Single 40 minute webinar (prior attendance at Positive Mind Training is not needed, but is nevertheless recommended either before or after watching this webinar)

o   Based on the Rewind Technique (a highly effective cure for PTSD)

o   Click here to register



·        Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) – 20 minute cure: 

o   (PMT Graduates only)

o   Single 20 minute webinar (mentions tools from the full Positive Mind Training series, so it assumes you’ve already watched that webinar series)

o   Click here to register


·        Insomnia – 20 minute cure: 

o   (PMT Graduates only)

o   Single 15 minute webinar (mentions tools from the two Positive Mind Training Intro webinars, so it assumes you’ve already watched those webinars)

o   This webinar-based cure employs ‘sleep restructuring’, the most effective tool for resolving insomnia

o   Click here to register


About Us


We’re a highly motivated team, fully committed to achieving the project goals. Team leader, Graham Price, is a recognised leader in his field.


Join us on our journey. Register now for ‘Positive Mind Training’, a free stand-alone webinar, teaching how to create a powerful mindset, at:  

















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