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by | Apr 18, 2013 | Acceptance

An article by Graham W Price, published in HR Zone:

Psychologist Graham W Price, developer of Positive Mind Training, suggests we’re all crazy. He says every time we’re having a negative thought, we’re having a crazy thought.

Price points out that all dissatisfaction, upset, stress, regret, disappointment, frustration, irritation or any other negative thought, with one exception, involves wanting something to be ‘already’ different. Either we’re wanting something that’s happened not to have happened, or we’re wanting a situation that exists right now not to exist right now. Neither is possible. He rests his case. To varying degrees, we’re all crazy.

The only exception is worrying about the future. Price claims that’s crazy too. He tells us why in his trainings. Then he tells us how to eliminate all negative thinking from our lives. Many negative thoughts are driven or sustained but feelings or emotions. Price’s trainings teach us how to deal with them too.

Price’s company, Abicord, runs trainings for the public via webinars and for organisations via seminars. Price teaches a range of techniques to enable participants to ‘accept what is’ in all situations, so eliminating stress, regret, worry and dissatisfaction. The training goes on to provide powerful tools for achieving more, meeting goals and improving relations with others.

As part of the feedback, participants are asked to score their satisfaction and effectiveness before and after the training using a combined rating from 0 to 10, where 10 is the most satisfied and effective person they could imagine. Almost all participants increase by three or more points on that scale (where there’s room). Many have increased from 3 to 10 and 2 to 9. These are low starting scores says Price, but they demonstrate what can be achieved. Most start somewhere between 6 and 9 and end up at 9 or 10. Follow-up after six months shows the changes are sustained or further improved (on average for the group as feedback is anonymous).

Price has trained thousands and, judging by the testimonials on its website, his trainees, from corporate leaders to the man in the street, seem to agree the experience is life changing. Michael Queen, past CEO of 3i, a FTSE 100 company and Europe’s leading global investment group, and current member of the UK Prime Minister’s advisory group, says: The most succinct, useful and effective training I’ve ever encountered“.

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