A chance to see the FREE webinar (on-line seminar) by Graham W Price that reveals life-changing secrets of resilience, power and achievement.  “I’ve been using it every day since the seminar; it’s brilliant” … Margaret Neal

Stuart McGill used it to become CEO of one of the world’s largest companies. Jack Nicklaus used it to become world golf champion. He shared his secret with no-one until after he retired and then only his clients.

Graham used it to dramatically change his life, work and business.

He later shared it with Michael Queen who used it to turn Northern Rock around after its collapse and later to become CEO of  3i and, still later, a member of the UK Prime Minister’s advisory group. Queen said: “the most succinct, useful and effective training I’ve ever encountered”.

See www.abicord.com/testimonials for what others have said.

A well known wealthy philanthropist, who also experienced a major change through this training (and is not yet ready to reveal his name) says “every corporate executive, every employee, everyone in business and every individual should experience this training”.

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