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The most effective and sustainable programme available anywhere. Our sustained success rate is over 95%.

This compares with well under 10% for most internationally very well known programmes.

We know of no other programme that achieves more than a 30% sustained success rate. The major reasons for the difference: 

weight loss
  • Success mainly depends on having control over our minds and we’re experts in the psychology of weight loss
  • Other programmes know nothing about this psychology
  • We have more powerful tools than other programmes to control what we eat

Get Sim Guaranteed is unique

  • One year 80% money-back guarantee for achieving your goal and sustaining it
  • Achieve and sustain your goal with the help of a powerful combination of cognitive behavioural techniques, Acceptance Action techniques’, coaching, nutrition and exercise
  • You may have tried before and not succeeded. This time you will succeed; that’s guaranteed
  • You may have lost weight and bounced right back. This time it will be sustained; that’s guaranteed
  • Go for gold: get healthy, increase your vitality, enhance your appearance

Why is the combination of tools so successful?

  • Cognitive behavioural techniques address your conscious thoughts and behaviour
  • Acceptance Action techniques, by far the most powerful component, provides the skills needed to deal with feelings, cravings, desires and other challenges and ensures you maintain progress
  • Our advice on nutrition and exercise tells you exactly what you need to do to achieve and sustain your goal, in combination with the psychology tools

One-to-one sessions:

  • Initial 2 hour consultation
  • Regular follow-up support

This is the most powerful and effective treatment available anywhere. It’s an empowering experience you can apply to any challenge in your life.

Click here to see a 3-minute video about how we can give such a strong guarantee.

Low cost web-based alternative

The same tools can be learned via a low cost web-based programme with support provided via a web-based group forum. Click here to see this option called Get Slim Stay Slim Guaranteed.

Our Practice (for one-to-one sessions):

  • Abicord’s practice is based in the UK Surrey (Fetcham by Leatherhead). We can also visit you at a small additional fee or can provide treatment by phone or internet (Skype).
  • Our coaches are highly qualified chartered psychologists, CBT, AAT, NLP and hypnotherapy practitioners (NLP and hypnotherapy are not used in this programme as they’re not viewed as helpful for weight management) and personal & executive coaches.
  • We offer daytime, evening and weekend sessions.
  • An initial brief consultation is available at no charge if requested (usually by phone).
  • Any other (non-weight) issues can be dealt with in separate sessions. Click here.
  • If you’re seeking weight gain or are suffering from an eating disorder, we can help you.

Cost options:

One to one programme: (contact or call 0044 78844 31028)

  • £395.00 (US$525) upfront. Then £30.00 (US$40) per week for ongoing support for 20 weeks. No more than 20 weeks of support is paid for, even if more is needed to reach and sustain the goal. Total cost £995 (US$1,330). One year 80% money-back guarantee for achieving and sustaining your goal … OR:
  • £265.00 (US$360) upfront. Then £20.00 (US$27) per session for optional ongoing support as needed. Pay as you go. No guarantee. Total cost including say 10 optional support sessions: £465 (US$620).

Low-cost web-based programme: (Click here for details)

  • £97.00 (US$150) upfront

80% money-back guarantee for the first 3 stones (42 pounds; 19 kgs) of your goal. Higher goals will be achieved but are not included in the guarantee. Web-based support £10.00 (US$13) per month, not included in the guarantee  

Under all options, the cost will be recovered through food-related savings 

I still can’t believe how easy it was to achieve this elusive goal
Martine Dione

Now I’ve achieved my goal, there’s no stopping me
Paula Fitzgerald

It’s a dream come true. I haven’t just lost the weight I wanted to lose, but I’ve every confidence, this time, I’ll keep it off
Mary Spencer

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