Get Slim Stay Slim Guaranteed

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The most effective and sustained weight management programme available anywhere.

Our sustained success rate is over 95%. This compares with under 10% for most other internationally well known programmes.

The main reason for this difference is that the mind tends to get in the way and this programme includes powerful psychological tools not available elsewhere.

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Programme features:

  •  Low cost web-based programme
  • One year money-back guarantee that you’ll achieve the first 3 stone (42 pounds, 19 kgs) of your goal and sustain it
  • Achieve and sustain your goal with the help of a powerful combination of Cognitive Behavioural techniques , Acceptance Action Training, nutrition and exercise
  • You may have tried before and not succeeded. This time you will succeed; that’s guaranteed
  • You may have changed your weight before and bounced right back. This time it will be sustained; that’s guaranteed
  • Go for gold: get healthy, increase your vitality, enhance your appearance


Why is this combination of approaches so successful?


  • Cognitive Behavioural techniques address your thoughts and behaviour
  • ‘Acceptance Action Training’, by far the most powerful component of the programme, provides the skills needed to deal with feelings, cravings, desires and other challenges, and ensures you maintain progress
  • Our advice on nutrition and exercise, provided by experts in these fields, tells you exactly what you need to do, in combination with the psychological tools, to achieve and sustain your goal
  • If it’s weight gain you’re after, email to find out about our weight gain programme. This page is about weight loss

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I still can’t believe how easy it was to achieve this elusive goal
Martine Dione

Now I’ve achieved my goal, there’s no stopping me
Paula Fitzgerald

It’s a dream come true. I haven’t just lost the weight I wanted to lose, but I’ve every confidence, this time, I’ll keep it off
Mary Spencer

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