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Abicord Provides The Following Services To Organisations. Click On The Link To See Details.

Positive Mind Training – Personal Effectiveness And Achievement

Abicord has created a unique and highly successful development training called ‘Positive Mind Training’. Find out more about Positive Mind Training

Personal & Executive Coaching

We provide qualified and experienced personal and executive coaches, business coaches and career coaches. Find out more about Personal & Executive Coaching

Therapy And Counselling

We provide qualified and experienced therapists and counsellors, specialising in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) supported by acceptance-action therapy (AAT), hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Find out more about Therapy And Counselling

Stress Management

Stress costs businesses billions every year. It diminishes motivation and effectiveness and has been estimated to be a root cause of 80% of absence from work, either directly through stress or indirectly due to illnesses arising from stress. Find out more about Stress Management

Presentation Skills

Abicord trains individuals within organisations to be confident, effective speakers. Find out more about Presentation Skills


Abicord provides a psychometrics service, profiling individuals and positions to support organisational effectiveness, recruitment and career development. Find out more about Psychometrics

Smoking Cessation

Are your staff spending time out of the office to smoke? Are you concerned about the health implications of smoking for your staff? Abicord is an expert in smoking cessation. Find out more about  Smoking Cessation

Professional And Motivational Speaker – Graham W Price

Graham delivers motivational, educational, inspirational and entertaining speeches at conferences, dinners and other events. Find out more about  Professional And Motivational Speaking

Consulting Psychology 

Abicord offers senior chartered psychologists with broad experience in a range of psychological consulting services to companies such as Coco Cola, legal firms, the courts, publications and others. 

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