‘Power to Choose’ webinars

semwer to Choose I really notice the change in me; nothing fazes me anymore; I have a new positivism that others are noticing; I cannot recommend it enough ….. Simone Plaut, Manager, MS Society

Are you …

  • achieving everything you want to achieve?
  • completely free of stress, regret and worry?
  • waking up every morning looking forward to the day?
  • getting everything you want out of your work and life?
  • enjoying satisfying relationships?
  • making whatever difference in the world you’d like to make?
  • feeling happy and confident within yourself?
  • being as successful as you want to be?
  • looking forward to the future?
  • able to choose the way you experience every challenging moment?

If your answer to any of these questions is ‘no’, the ‘Power to Choose’ training will get you there. If you answered ‘yes’ to all the questions, come and find out how to pass your good fortune on to others.

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Click here for details of our free seminar called ‘The Power to Choose’

What is the ‘Power to Choose’ Training?

A powerful personal development training, incorporating an Acceptance Action Therapy training, that changes people’s lives (work and other) for the better. It replaces stress, regret, worry, resentment, self-blame, disappointment, fear and procrastination with resilience, empowerment, motivation, achievement, fulfilment and a sense of self-worth.

Developed by Graham W Price, the programme is available from Abicord in webinars, or on an individual basis at Abicord’s premises in London or Surrey, UK, or the client’s premises or Skype, or on a group basis at client premises.

How does it work?

The training combines the wisdom of ‘Positive Acceptance’™, with powerful tools that enable us to think and act in ways that bring contentment, achievement and fulfillment to our lives.

How was it developed?

The training was developed following a research programme led by Graham W Price at the University of London examining how people generate major positive change in their lives, just by changing the way they think. By focusing on individuals who’d successfully made such a change, the research provided significant insights into how people achieve this. These are captured in the training.

Is it effective?

It has been successfully tested in coaching, therapy, seminar and webinar environments with outstanding results, significantly outperforming other personal development, coaching and therapeutic approaches. This is not NLP. It’s a great deal more powerful. Our trainers and coaches should know … they’re all qualified NLP trainers and no longer use NLP in their trainings or one-to-one work.

Feedback from participants includes an estimate of personal effectiveness and satisfaction before and after the training, using a scale from 0 to 10 (10 being the most effective and satisfied person we could imagine). Practically all scores have increased by three or more points (if starting at 7 or less), including several moving from 2 to 9 and many more from 3 to 10. Most increase from 6, 7, 8 or 9 to 9 or 10. Follow-up after 6 months shows changes have been sustained or further improved (on average for the group, as individual scores cannot be compared since feedback is anonymous).

How do I know it will work for me?

We’re confident you’ll start experiencing significant benefits immediately. Just come to the first seminar called ‘Power to Choose’ . It’s free for now. It’s a stand-alone webinar needing no further webinars or other training to gain the benefits.

When and where?

Click here for details of our ‘Positive Mind Training’ webinar (free for now).

The training is also available on an individual basis in the UK, London (Maida Vale) or Surrey (Leatherhead) and on an individual or group basis at client’s premises.

How much is the full training?

For the time being, the full training is also free. A temporary deposit is required, but this is guaranteed to be recovered within a month of completing the training. If it isn’t recovered within a month and we’re notified within 6 weeks, we refund the deposit.

What if I think I need coaching, counselling or therapy?

We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements, in confidence, and arrange coaching or counselling / therapy, primarily ‘Enhanced’ Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance-Action Therapy (AAT), supported where needed by other therapies, to meet your needs.

Who can I talk to if I’m not sure?

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