Development Training



by Graham W Price, Chartered Psychologist, Personal and Executive Coach, Development Trainer


  • Be more motivated, confident, achieving and successful

  • Eliminate stress, regret, worry, dissatisfaction and procrastination

  • Gain exceptional resilience and power

  • Resolve relationship challenges

  • Become a confident public speaker

  • Earn the income you’ve always dreamed of


“I’ve been using it every day since the webinar. It’s brilliant” … Margaret Neal


This is like no other personal development training


“It’s opened a lot of new doors for me. It was insightful, inspiring and life changing. My life is so much easier now. I strongly recommend it to everyone” … Keren Lerner, CEO, Top Left Design


Thousands have found it to be life-changing.


“It’s had immediate benefits. I’ve learnt ways of thinking that make a huge difference to my life.” … Jenny Cutler, image consultant


If you’d like to learn some powerful new skills, and apply the tools of Acceptance Action Training and Acceptance Action Therapy to your life, attend this 55-minute webinar (an on-line seminar you can access anywhere via the internet)


“Occasionally there’s someone saying something that makes you stop and listen. Graham W Price is one of these. His teaching is truly powerful” ….. London Magazine


Following major expansion of this training, you now have a choice of various dates and times (daytime, evenings or weekends) when you register. Or watch an instant replay, i.e. recording. You’ll still see other people’s questions, and hear the answers given. And you can still ask your own questions, but they’ll be answered individually, in confidence, by email after completion of the recording. 



The 2-hour Intro seminar, teaching how to create a powerful mindset, is stand alone, i.e. it needs no further seminars to gain the benefits. It’s free for now at 



The second seminar, teaching how to become exceptionally resilient, is also stand-alone, it requires a small ‘temporary’ deposit that’s guaranteed to be recovered, or it’s refunded. The remaining four seminars also require a single temporary deposit, that’s also guaranteed to be recovered, or it’s refunded. So the full training is free to everyone.



The training can also be provided on an individual basis, for a fee, via the internet (Skype), or face to face in the UK, in Central London or Surrey (Leatherhead), on its own, or combined with Therapy or Coaching. We can visit you for a further small additional fee.


 The training is available to groups or organisations via the internet or at your premises. See






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