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‘Acceptance-Action Training’ – DVD series

Original price was: £400.00.Current price is: £295.00.

You’ve seen the Intro teaching the skills of Positive Acceptance, … now experience the full training … presented by Graham W Price

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The seminar series is now available on DVDs. These four 2-hour DVDs will, like the live webinars, dramatically impact your life over a period of four weeks.

Through the live webinars or DVDs, you will:
  • Eliminate stress, regret, worry, frustration, procrastination and a host of other limiting thoughts and feelings
  • Deal effectively and calmly with any difficulties in relations with others
  • Choose a positive and productive response to any situation
  • Become much more motivated, effective and achieving (if you want to)
  • Change any limiting beliefs
  • Totally ‘accept what is’ in any situation (using significantly more powerful tools than were covered in the Intro), while taking positive and effective action

Price of DVDs: £400.00

Introductory offer: £295.00

(including phone consultation if needed)