Positive Acceptance E-Book


– a practice that will change your life

By Graham W Price, Chartered Psychologist and Psychotherapist, BPS, BABCP (Accredited), BACP, HPC, MSc

Imagine a life free from dissatisfaction or unhappiness, a life where you can choose a productive response to any situation, a life where you’re unphased by any uncomfortable feelings that may arise and know exactly how to deal with them, and a life where you feel empowered to take whatever actions are necessary to achieve your goals.

This e-book will give you all those things.

‘Positive Acceptance’ is the most life-changing book I’ve ever read. In one e-book, Graham has taught me some simple, yet powerful, techniques that I now use every day, several times a day. The effect on my life is amazing – Margaret Erbes (Hampshire)



The price is $27.50 (US dollars), around £24.00 (British pounds + VAT).

Positive Acceptance™ is a revolutionary thought technique that Graham Price developed over twenty years ago and used to transform his own life. He has since taught it to thousands of others, with resounding impacts on their lives.

I couldn’t have imagined that something so straight forward could have such a major effect on my life. This is so simple, yet so powerful – Susan Brinkley (London)

Positive Acceptance changes the way we think about scores of daily issues and the major issues that arise from time to time in our lives. It enables us to deal with life’s challenges in a far more effective way. It gives us a powerful approach for dealing with uncomfortable feelings and leads us into taking effective action to move our lives forward and achieve our goals.

Why didn’t someone tell me this years ago? I guess they just didn’t know – Walter Ockenden (London)

Graham is a Chartered Psychologist and Psychotherapist, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) specialist, personal and executive coach, personal development trainer, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) master practitioner and certified NLP Trainer (his books are not NLP-based). He presents personal development seminars in London called ‘The Power to Choose’ (also not NLP-based) and teaches the skills of ‘Positive Acceptance’ in a stand-alone seminar.

If you live within reach of London, you can attend his morning or evening seminar.

Thank you Graham for your wonderful seminar. The results are magical and really life-changing – Reena Manghnani (London)

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For those who can’t get to Graham’s seminar in London teaching the skills of Positive Acceptance, reading this e-book is the next best thing. No-one should miss out on learning this technique. Once learned you can use it every day for the rest of your life.

Thank you for this easy and quick way of immediately improving the quality of my life at any moment – Warren Day (London)

Taking it further

Once you’re practicing Positive Acceptance, you needn’t stop there. Graham believes passionately that everyone is entitled to lead, and has the potential to lead, an extraordinary life. To claim that right and realize our potential, he says, we need to grab life with both hands and ‘go for gold’ in every area. If there are any problems standing in our way, they can and should be resolved. If there’s anything you want to achieve or dream you can, don’t hesitate. You can achieve everything in life that you want. Yes, you absolutely can.

If you’d like some one-to-one help to achieve this, face to face or by phone, feel free to contact Graham here.

Therapeutic help where needed:

If you suffer from an emotional or behavioural problem, Graham’s e-books cover the following topics: depression, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), panic attacks,phobias, insomnia, worry, social anxiety and general anxiety (click on the topic to see details).

Graham is a wonderful therapist and his books are outstanding – Eve Brightman (London).

These books all use cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques, supplemented by Acceptance-Action Therapy (AAT).

Graham is an experienced psychotherapist. He trained in, and practices, a range of psychotherapies including humanist (person-centred), psychodynamic (psychoanalytic), CBT, AAT, hypnotherapy and NLP. He now focuses primarily on CBT, having found this to be the single most effective and rapid approach for resolving psychological problems, supplemented by AAT and NLP.

Graham is a superb CBT practitioner and his e-books are life-changing – Grant Fitzpatrick (Surrey)

More info and making contact:

You can obtain further information on Graham’s webinars and one-to-one therapy and coaching (face-to-face or by phone) via his website www.abicord.com. You can also contact him through the website if you’d like to comment on your experience of his e-books, webinars or any of the other services he provides. Graham always appreciates feedback, or any other comments.