Say Goodbye To Depression E-Book


– using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance-Action Therapy (AAT)

By Graham W Price, Chartered Psychologist and Psychotherapist, BPS, BABCP (Accredited), BACP, HPC, MSc

If you suffer from depression, you don’t need to any longer. You can rid yourself of it right now. This e-book tells you how.

Depression can be a distressing and debilitating problem and often prevents us from leading a full and satisfying life. There is no reason to continue to suffer. Depression can and should be resolved.

I’d been depressed for longer than I could remember. I’d tried various therapies and medications, some of which helped for a little while, but the effects were never sustained for long. Your book has been inspirational and I’m now ‘off’ depression … and have no intention of going back to my old ways. A huge thank you. – Paul Mears (London)



The price is $27.50 (US dollars), around £24.00 (British pounds, plus VAT), a small amount to pay to resolve your problem

If you’re experiencing problems with depression, you cannot do better than read this e-book. It’s the next best thing to seeing Graham in person). It’s a short e-book that outlines the specific things you need to do to get better.

I thought my depression was incurable. Now it’s cured. Thanks to your ebook, I’m living a charmed life that I never thought possible – Eileen Beckman (London)

Graham W Price is a Chartered Psychologist and Psychotherapist, coach, personal development trainer and NLP master practitioner. He trained in, and practices, a range of psychotherapies including humanist, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance-action therapy (AAT), hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). He now focuses primarily on CBT, having found this to be the single most effective and rapid approach for resolving depression and other psychological problems, supplemented as needed by AAT, hypnotherapy and NLP.

I’d been depressed off and on for as long as I could remember . I’d been taking medication for a long time with minimal results. Graham’s e-book has enabled me to beat this affliction once and for all. I can’t recommend it enough to others who may be suffering. – Marilyn Peters (Bucks)

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is now the most sought after therapy for depression and other psychological problems. Its effectiveness has been proven time and again by research across the world. It is so effective, that it is now the only (or prime) approach recommended by independent authorities such as the UK National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE). If you need confirmation, ask your doctor. If s/he has kept up with just a sample of the extensive medical reporting on therapeutic research, s/he will tell you to go and find some CBT. All books in the ‘Say Goodbye’ series primarily employ CBT techniques, supplemented by AAT and NLP where appropriate.

Graham is a superb CBT practitioner and his books are life-changing – Grant Fitzpatrick (Surrey)

In cases of major depression, or depression that has been sustained for a long time, it may be necessary to seek one-to-one professional help to supplement this e-book and completely resolve your problem. If so, you’re strongly recommended to seek help from a CBT therapist. This book will give you a big start in resolving the problem, even if you do need to supplement it with some face-to-face professional assistance.

Other issues

People who are depressed also sometimes suffer from anxiety. Other e-books in the ‘Say Goodbye’ series deal with various forms of anxiety, including panic attacks,phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), general anxiety, social anxiety, worry and insomnia (click on the topic to see details).

Graham is a wonderful therapist and his books are outstanding – Eve Brightman (London).

Taking it further

Once you’ve successfully resolved your depression, you needn’t stop there. Graham believes passionately that everyone is entitled to lead, and has the potential to lead, an extraordinary life. To claim that right and realize our potential, he says, we need to grab life with both hands and ‘go for gold’ in every area. If there are any problems standing in our way, they can and should be resolved. If there’s anything you want to achieve or dream you could achieve, don’t hesitate. You can achieve everything in life that you want. Yes, you absolutely can.

If you’d like to know how Graham, and others he’s trained, have achieved a truly amazing life (often from very mediocre beginnings) and his advice on how you can do the same, read his e-book ‘Positive Acceptance – a practice that will change your life’.

‘Positive Acceptance’ is the most life-changing book I’ve ever read. In one e-book, Graham has taught me some simple, yet powerful, techniques that I now use every day, several times a day. The effect on my life is amazing – Margaret Erbes (Hampshire)

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Or attend Graham’s free webinar teaching the skills of ‘Positive Acceptance’.

The ideas you presented are so powerful. Thanks for inspiring me.
– Monica Regan (London)

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You can obtain further information on Graham’s webinars and one-to-one therapy and coaching (face-to-face or by phone) via his website You can also contact him through the website if you’d like to comment on your experience of his e-books, seminars or any of the other services he provides. Graham always appreciates feedback, or any other comments.