The Fear Game



– breaking through fear and other limitations

By Graham W Price, Chartered Psychologist and Psychotherapist, BPS, BABCP (Accredited), BACP, HPC, MSc

If you’d like to break through fear or other limitations, this is the e-book for you. The author developed the game many years ago and used it to break through his own fear of public speaking and other limiting fears. The game is demanding but hugely rewarding for those willing to take up the challenge.

“The Fear Game” has been an amazing ride and proved hugely effective. I’ve broken through my fear of many things and now believe I can cope with any challenge that previously would have been too fearful to even contemplate – Susan Brinkley (London)



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Since creating the game and using it to break though his own fear of public speaking, the author adapted it for use with other limitations experienced by his clients, such as procrastination, low mood, lack of motivation, losing weight.

I used to be the world’s greatest procrastinator. Since reading “The Fear Game” and applying it to my procrastination, I’m a changed woman. I’m now taking actions daily that would previously have taken weeks and am achieving so much more – Mary Parker (Northumberland)

For those who can’t make it to Graham’s ‘Power to Choose’ webinar series in London, reading this book is the next best thing. No-one should miss out on the opportunity to play The Fear Game.

Taking it further:

Once you’ve successfully resolved your issue, you needn’t stop there. Graham believes passionately that everyone is entitled to lead, and has the potential to lead, an extraordinary life. To claim that right and realize our potential, he says, we need to grab life with both hands and ‘go for gold’ in every area. If there are any problems standing in our way, they can and should be resolved. If there’s anything you want to achieve or dream you could achieve, don’t hesitate. You can achieve everything in life that you want. Yes, you absolutely can.

If you’d like to know how Graham, and others he’s trained, have achieved a truly amazing life (often from very mediocre beginnings) and his advice on how you can do the same, read his e-book ‘Positive Acceptance – a practice that will change your life’.

‘Positive Acceptance’ is the most life-changing book I’ve ever read. In one e-book, Graham has taught me some simple, yet powerful, techniques that I now use every day, several times a day. The effect on my life is amazing – Margaret Erbes (Hampshire)

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Or attend Graham’s free webinar teaching the skills of ‘Positive Acceptance’.

The ideas you presented are so powerful. Thanks for inspiring me.
– Monica Regan (London)

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