Graham W. Price: Professional & Motivational Speaker

Graham W Price, Abicord, is a professional speaker specialising in talks on stress management, motivation and achievement.

Graham delivers motivational, educational, inspirational and entertaining speeches at conferences, dinners and other events.



“Graham is a great motivational speaker. If you get the chance to hear him, do so. Better still, why not attend one of his trainings. Then you’ll see what I mean”, Bryan Barrow


I heard Graham talk at the Networking Expo. He gave us a flavour of his Acceptance-Action Training. I believe this to be a core principle behind lasting change and plan to attend one of his workshops to learn more”, Alex Goodhall


“Graham’s talk about Changing lives through Positive Acceptance was so inspiring I went back for more the following week”, Larry Osei-Kwaku


“I’ve known Graham for a number of years and seen him speak on a number of occasions. What always strikes me about him is his humour, charm and warmth. Go see him speak”, Rod Sloane

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