Smoking Cessation

Stopping smoking with us is easier, quicker and more successful than any other approach.

Our 80 minute webinar-based training (or one-to-one training if you prefer), by Graham W Price, teaches powerful tools you can use for any challenging issue or goal.

Watch this one minute video by Jenny, one of our clients:

Now Click here to listen to a 2-minute introduction, explaining the training. See below for further details.

The price is £95.00 (US$125). You’ll recover that through savings in no time once you’ve stopped smoking. Then you’ll just continue to save.

Our treatments are highly successful because they’re based on a multiple approaches and include uniquely powerful Acceptance-Action techniques.

We use a combination of:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (CBT)” ….. CBT addresses your conscious thoughts and behaviours
  • Acceptance-Action Techniques (AAT)” ……. AAT provides the skills needed to deal with resistance, cravings or other challenges
  • Time-Line technique” …….. Time-Line provides support for the initial cessation and sustaining it
  • Relaxation” …….. Often referred to as ‘hypnotherapy’, we prefer to call it relaxation, or ‘light hypnotherapy’. You remain fully conscious and aware of what’s happening. Suggestions made while we’re relaxed influence the unconscious programming driving our desire to smoke

This combination is hugely more effective than any other approach. The Acceptance-Action techniques in particular make it by far the most successful treatment available anywhere. It’s an empowering experience you can apply to any challenge in your life

Why Stop?

  • You already know about the health risks to yourself and others. Links to heart or lung disease and lung cancer are well known. Links to diabetes, Alzheimers, arthritis and impotency are less familiar to most but just as significant
  • And you already know about the dangers to your family and others through ‘passive smoking’

Here’s the good news:

  • The sooner you stop, the lower the risks
  • Once you’ve stopped, you’ll rapidly recover the cost of our programme. Then it’s all money saved for other things
  • The tools you’ll learn can be used to take control of other areas of your life such as losing weight, eliminating public speaking nerves, achieving life goals
  • Those who quit with us gain a sense of freedom as well as control over their lives
  • You won’t put on weight if you quit with us

Still not convinced? Click here to see a 2-minute extract from the training to get an idea of one of the acceptance-action tools that we use.

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“I’ve not only given up smoking, I’ve used what you taught me to lose two stone in weight, get control of my nerves when speaking to groups and move my career and life forward in other ways. Amazing value. I’ll certainly recommend you to others. Thanks a million.”
Michelle Alter

“I feel so much healthier, fitter and more in control of my life. Thank you”
Terry Aspic

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