by Graham Price on Jun.28, 2015, under Acceptance

Hi. I’m Graham W Price, chartered psychologist, development trainer and smoking cessation and weight loss specialist. If you want to stop smoking or lose weight I’ll make sure you succeed and that you’ll sustain that success. That’s a promise. In fact I’ll back that up with a one year money-back guarantee. Take a look at or for details.

There are many smoking cessation and weight loss practitioners and organisations and many different approaches. So why choose me? Success rates with most programmes are pretty poor.

For smoking cessation, hypnotherapy, for example, can have anything between 10% and 50% sustained success. Other programmes, including self-talk approaches such as visualisation and affirmation techniques, are much less so, the worst being less than 10% successful. My programme has a 98% sustained success rate to date and takes just three hours in a single session.

For weight loss, most organisations are 10% successful or worse (when  sustaining weight loss is taken into account). My programme has over 90% sustained success to date.

Why are my programmes so effective? It’s partly because I focus on the psychology involved and partly because I don’t rely on one approach; I combine a number of different approaches. It’s also because one of those approaches is a powerful acceptance-action technique, developed at the University of London, that other practitioners simply don’t know about.

If you’re considering using another practitioner or organisation, I suggest you ask these questions. Do they provide a money-back guarantee that includes sustaining the goal once achieved. And do they provide success data, again including sustaining any achievement?

I look forward to working with you.

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