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This has been an amazing experience. I never thought it would be so easy to resolve a problem that’s been crippling my life for years
Mark Stenson

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Click here or on the video above for a one minute video of Graham W Price talking about our therapy practice.

If you’re experiencing:

  • Abuse
  • Addiction
  • ADHD
  • Anger
  • Anxiety (general anxiety, panic attacks, phobia, public speaking anxiety, social anxiety, post traumatic stress, OCD)
  • Assertiveness issues
  • Autism
  • Bipolar disorder (manic depression)
  • Boredom
  • Bullying
  • Child abuse consequences
  • Children issues
  • Chronic fatigue and ME
  • Confidence issues
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Family issues
  • Grief (bereavement or other losses)
  • Insomnia
  • Motivation issues
  • Obsessive or compulsive thoughts or behaviour (OCD)
  • Panic
  • Post natal depression
  • Procrastination
  • PTSD
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Self harming
  • Sexual issues
  • Shyness
  • Smoking – Click here for guaranteed or free treatment
  • Stress
  • Tokophobia
  • Trauma / accident
  • Weight issues – Click here for guaranteed treatment
  • Worry
  • Any other problem

… and you’d like to talk in confidence with a therapist or counsellor, we can help.

Practice details

Abicord’s face-to-face practice is based in (North) London and Surrey (Leatherhead). We can also visit you (maintaining separation in the current Covid environment).

Day, evening and weekend appointments are available.

An initial brief consultation is available at no charge if requested (usually by phone).


Graham Price, our key psychologist / therapist, works with major therapeutic approaches, primarily Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), an enhanced form of CBT developed by Graham (CEO, Abicord), Hypnotherapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Humanist Counselling, and can advise which approach is best suited for your needs.

Graham is a chartered psychologist, chartered member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and accredited member of the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP).

If you’d like to see Graham and wish to read more about him, click here.

Relationship therapy and coaching is available from Graham for couples, families or individuals.

He also provides specialist therapy and counselling for children and the elderly.

He’s also accredited by the Association for Acceptance Action Coaching, Therapy and Training (AAACTT; and Help4Addiction (, among others 

For more information on:

  • Relationship or family counselling / coaching, click here
  • Stress management, click here
  • Weight loss (guaranteed), click here
  • Smoking cessation (guaranteed), click here
  • OCD, click here
  • Tokophobia, click here

Related Services

Therapy or counselling can be combined with Coaching or Acceptance Action Training on an individual basis where needed, or you can attend our ‘Positive Mind Training’ personal effectiveness and achievement webinars.

If you’re not sure whether you need therapy, counselling, coaching, stress management or personal development training, feel free to contact us to discuss.

Other therapy webinars












These webinar trainings are for both therapists and those suffering with mind-based issues beyond the scope of:

·        ‘Positive Mind Training’ (here)

·        Weight management (here)

·        Quit smoking and other dependencies (here)

The webinars below are currently free.


PTSD (trauma) – 40 minute cure:

o   Single 40 minute webinar (prior attendance at ‘Positive Mind Training’ is not needed, but is nevertheless recommended either before or after watching this webinar … click here)

o   Based on the Rewind Technique (a highly effective cure for PTSD)

o   Click here to register re PTSD


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) – 20 minute cure: 

o   (Positive Mind Training graduates only)

o   Single 20 minute webinar (mentions tools from the ‘Positive Mind Training’ series, so it assumes you’ve already watched that training … click here)

o   Click here to register re OCD


Insomnia – 20 minute cure: 

o   (Positive Mind Training graduates only)

o   Single 15 minute webinar (mentions tools from the Positive Mind Training webinar series so it assumes you’ve already watched that training …. click here)

o   This webinar-based cure employs ‘sleep restructuring’, the most effective tool for resolving insomnia

o   Click here to register re insomnia



Contact us via the contact page or e-mail or call 0044 207 858 2241

In line with other therapy organisations, Abicord is not itself a member of any therapy association but Graham is a member of BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). He is individually bound by its Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy.


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