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by | Mar 27, 2011 | Weight Loss

Some tips for losing those unwanted kilos:

  • Drink more tea, but without milk, even skimmed milk. Recent research has shown that tea contains agents that break down fat. But those agents are neutralised if you add milk.
  • There are dangers in some current weight loss fads. The  HCG diet incorporating daily injections, popular in America, is particularly dodgy and has been exposed as a scam. The Ducan diet, similar to Atkins, has become popular in America but read this or this warning  before you dive in.
  • A recent  study shows that meal replacements (shakes, etc) are nothing like as effective as sensible dieting and exercise for achieving and sustaining weight-loss. Meal replacements usually result in the weight going straight back on again when they cease.

Now the things you probably already know:

  • If you have any doubts about the ‘no added sugar’ rule, read this.  That includes no carbonated drinks, no fruit juice with added sugar, no processed foods with added sugar, no sugar in hot drinks.
  • Minimising fat intake is an accepted part of most weight-loss programmes, despite what Atkins may say.  That means avoiding saturated fats, fried food, ready meals, dairy products (except low fat), cakes, ice cream, crisps, pizza, quiche.
  • Low carbs, high fibre, high protein, lots of salad, vegetables and high-fibre fruits such as apples and oranges, are generally accepted components of  effective weight-loss programmes.
  • Limit alchohol consumption.
  • It’s not just the content of what we eat, it’s about quantity too. Eat when you’re hungry, stop eating when you’re no longer hungry. If that results in getting hungy between meals, have a mid-morning or mid-afternoon (healthy) snack. Drink water 10 minutes before meals or snacks to reduce hunger.
  • Aerobic exercise:  half an hour 3 times a week is a minimum for effective weight loss. Sorry, golf isn’t aerobic   unless you power walk between shots.

The rest is down to psychology which is all about self-control, resilience and sustaining motivation.  That’s where Abicord’s unique expertise comes in. See www.abicord.com/get-slim-guaranteed for a guaranteed weight loss programme (one year money-back guarantee for achieving the goal and sustaining it).

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