What would life be like?

by | May 21, 2010 | General

What would life be like if we could:

  • stop resisting what is, what was and what will be (the latter only to the extent we cannot control it)
  • replace ‘resisting what is’ with ‘accepting what is’ … all the time (i.e. stop wishing things were already different, which is what we’re always doing whenever we’re dissatisfied about anything)
  • focus only on changing the next moment or the future to the extent we want to and are able to
  • accept any uncomfortable feelings, as long as we have them
  • possess some powerful tools to change whatever we want to change and achieve whatever we want to achieve
  • understand we live in a determined world …  and so replace blame with responsibility
  • accept ourselves totally right now while understanding that we can be whoever we want to be in the future
  • own our reactions
  • choose the way we experience every moment
  • understand the other person always believes they’re right from their perspective

Might life be different? Few have experienced such a life so you’ll have to take my word for it. It’s very different. Regret, worry, stress, disappointment, dissatisfaction, anxiety, frustration, irritation, guilt, feeling low, procrastination and blaming ourselves and others all disappear.

Life becomes easy, enjoyable, satisfying and fulfilling. We become more motivated, energised, responsible and achieving … and more emotionally expressive in a positive way. Nothing is lost; everything is gained.

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